ELF Bar disposable vapes are simple, cost-effective vape kits ideal for new and experienced smokers. ELF Bars are stylish, brilliantly coloured, and have a wide choice of natural flavours. You can explore our wide range of collections to learn about the ELF Bar, including various ELF Bar disposables, vape pods. As a wholesaler and retailer, we hold a complete range of ELF Bar products.

Including the original ELF Bar 600, the flavourful ELF Bar Shisha Range, and the perfect to-hold pen size ELF Bar CR500. If you want to give up your nicotine intake habit and you still want to enjoy flavorful disposables, we have got Nicotine Free ELF Bar for you.

If you love ELF bars but are looking for something enduring, then we have an ELF Bar ELFA pre-filled pod kit with mesh coils and ELF Bar Mate 500 pods kit with P1 pre-filled pods.

More About ELF Bar

ELF Bar is a leading vape powerhouse, launched in 2018 by parent company Shenzhen Weiboli Technology Co. Ltd, based in Shenzhen. Since its launch, the company has gained recognition worldwide in the vape industry for producing the best disposable vapes.

The vaping industry innovates with the latest technologies, but disposable vaping revolutionizes the market to introduce something portable, hassle-free, stylish, and with a wide selection of amazing flavours.

ELF Bar is best known for their disposable vape range, including ELF Bar 600 and Lost Mary BM600. These compact, stylish, and pocket-friendly devices offer 600 puffs and have 2ml of prefilled e-liquid with either 10mg or 20mg of nicotine strength, bringing you the best MTL vaping experience with every inhale.

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