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IVG Beyond Bar 800 Exhales Disposable Vaporizer

IVG Beyond Bar 800 Exhales Disposable Vaporizer

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IVG Beyond Bar Disposable
The IVG Beyond Bar Disposable Vape Pod has made its entrance, and it's truly a flavor powerhouse! These disposable vapes come in a stunning array of flavors that are absolutely worth trying out. IVG has been exploring the disposable vape market for some time now. They initially introduced the IVG Bar, which didn't quite take off, and then the IVG Bar Plus, which has been a resounding success. Once again, they've invested considerable time in perfecting the flavors, including some intriguing new ones originally brought to you by the renowned Elux!

IVG Beyond Bar Flavors:
Apple Peach: An exquisite blend of fresh apple and sweet peaches. Overall, an exceptional disposable that delivers a burst of flavor.

Blueberry: Sweet blueberries that will leave your taste buds dancing for hours.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry: When we spotted this one in the box, it was the first to grab our attention! Sweet blueberries with a touch of tartness, as if Elux themselves had created it. Truly a heavenly flavor.

Blue Razz Lemonade: The famous and likely the most popular flavor has now been adapted to IVG! Fresh blueberries combined with a lemonade base.

Cherry: A challenging flavor to nail, but IVG has done it admirably. A captivating blend of sweet cherries with a tangy undertone.

IVG Bull Ice: The Red Monster with wings is back in the house, crafting that fantastic fruity flavor mix.

Grape: Sweet grapes with a subtle fizz to them. An incredibly moreish vape for any grape enthusiast.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava: A classic flavor in the disposable market that cannot be overlooked. Juicy kiwis with a tangy passionfruit kick on the inhale, followed by the taste of sweet guava!

Mango: Delicate and ripe is the best way to describe this flavor. Any mango lover will find it hard to put down! Another flavor gem from IVG!

Pink Lemonade: Pink fruits meticulously selected and blended to perfection, resulting in a flawless Pink Lemonade disposable.

Sour Apple: The renowned flavor makes a return in the form of a Beyond Bar. Crisp and mildly tart, not for the faint of heart.

Strawberry: Fresh strawberries handpicked by the IVG team and expertly blended. Undoubtedly a new favorite in the making.

Strawberry Kiwi: One of our personal favorites here at LOV. Sweet strawberries are complemented by zesty kiwis, creating a perfectly balanced blend.

Strawberry Watermelon: Two classic fruits expertly blended once again to create a masterful addition to the range. This flavor is bound to be a big hit.

Watermelon: It's simple, it's watermelon, no more and no less!

E-liquid capacity: 2ml

Puffs: Up to 800 puffs, a noteworthy feature!

Battery Capacity: 600mAh

Nicotine Strength: 20mg

Package Includes:
1x Beyond Bar Disposable Vape Pod
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