Collection: Elf Bar

ELF Bar disposable vapes offer a straightforward and cost-efficient solution for both novice and seasoned smokers. Ideal for those looking to switch to vaping, ELF Bars come in chic, vibrant designs and boast an extensive array of authentic flavors. Our extensive lineup of ELF Bar products includes a variety of ELF Bar disposables and vape pods, providing you with a comprehensive selection to explore. As both a wholesaler and retailer, we present a complete spectrum of ELF Bar offerings.

Our assortment covers the original ELF Bar 600, the flavorful ELF Bar Shisha Range, and the conveniently sized ELF Bar CR500, which fits comfortably in hand. For individuals aiming to break free from nicotine consumption while continuing to savor rich disposables, we proudly offer Nicotine-Free ELF Bars.

Should your affinity for ELF Bars be matched with a desire for enduring solutions, we present the ELF Bar ELFA pre-filled pod kit, complete with mesh coils, and the ELF Bar Mate 500 pods kit featuring P1 pre-filled pods.